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Real (Realizing Empowering Advocating Leading) World English provides free English classes for adults and free quality childcare for their children.

If you want to take free, in person English classes on Saturday mornings from 9 AM to 12 noon from September 2 to November 18, 2023, please come at 9 AM on Saturday, September, 2023. The location is Allen Middle School, 1108 Glendale Dr., Greensboro, NC 27406. No pre-registration is required. Children are welcome if parents are attending in-person classes. No new students will be admitted after September 16, 2023.

If you are interested in our free online classes on Saturday mornings, please email us at

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What makes Real World English so special?

Listen to a message from one of our Student Ambassadors, an adult student in the program, to see what sets us apart!


“I chose the Real World English program to learn English because it is convenient for me to take classes on Saturdays and because I work during the week. I really enjoy the program because I can also bring my children and they enjoy coming. My children enjoy the activities that are set up for them by the volunteers each week, and they also enjoy playing sports in the gym. I would like for the classes to be longer because I would like to learn more, and there isn’t enough time.”

- Rafael, RWE Adult Student


“When I switched my children to Allen Middle School, I saw a flyer regarding the program, so I decided to sign up. It has been three years that I have been participating, and I really enjoy being here because I get to learn English! I also enjoy the timing of the program and they are able to look after my children while I’m in class. My children really enjoy being here as well because they talk to me about the activities they do each week. I am very happy with everything.”

- Maria, RWE Adult Student

RWE students working on a project

“I found out about the program from one of my wife’s friends who came to the program. My wife and I decided to sign up and start taking classes. I asked for time off from my job so could come and learn more English. Now, I honestly feel more confident when talking English in my classroom and in my job and speaking with my children too. Everything is really great. My teacher is very patient and very professional. I want the teacher to keep challenging us to speak English at higher levels. This is the second year I have come to the RWE program I can say that one can learn if they put in the hard work.”

- Ray, RWE Adult Student

students in real world english participate in classroom activity

“I like the Real World English program because we have very good teachers and they show us what we need to know and because they take care of the children. The whole group, including the teachers, are very kind and they help us a lot. There is good communication between the teachers and students. I wish there were more classes and more hours.”

- Isa, RWE Adult Student

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